Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Strange Contentment

Are you struggling with contentment? Are you having a hard time being thankful? Well have I got a remedy for you! Our pastor preached an outstanding sermon on contentment and gratitude this past Sunday, called "Strange Contentment. You can listen to it at: https://www.christkirk.com/.

"Our tendency — when we are worrying on our knees — is to try to figure out a way for our
hearts and minds to guard the peace of God. We consider contentment, the peace of God, to
be our soft innards which must be protected by the hard shield of our works, plans, thoughts,
understanding, and so on. We try to protect the wrong thing with the wrong thing. But the
peace of God guards your hearts and minds; your hearts and minds do not protect the peace
of God. The peace of God is armor. It is no fragile thing. The peace of God is not a guttering
candle in a tornado, certain to go out. The thing that mystifies us about this is how strong the
peace of God is. And one thing is sure; we are told here that the peace of God guards us, and
we do not guard it."


Nikki Schreiner said...

Hi! Loooove the pics in the previous post and I'm excited to listen to the contentment sermon. We subscribed to Christ Church's pod cast so I can put in right onto my ipod.
I love your blog! and check it every day :) There, feel better?

KA said...

Jana, loved the sermon as well. It was revolutionary for me...and your choice of the sermon to quote hits why right on the nail.