Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Liturgy

A few of you were interested in the liturgy we have adopted from Doug Jone's Christmas liturgy. You can find the link to it right here:
It begins I think about 9 or 10 days before Christmas, and you need a few "props", so make sure you read through well in advance to be prepared!

Here is something else Doug Jone's wrote on Christmas in a past Credenda Agenda that is very helpful in explaining why things like trees aren't such a pagan Christmas tradition afterall!:

You can take Doug Jone's liturgy and add your own creative elements to it. We find that it adds a whole new depth to the Christian season...for both adults and children alike.

Ben was very creative in adding to the liturgy (or maybe he got the idea from somewhere else; I'm not sure): On Christmas Eve we hang some more decorations to our Christmas tree...fruit (orange candy slices), bread (cookie wafers), and chocolates. Trees are an important theme in Scripture, so Ben goes through the Scriptures and explains our Fall in Adam with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (we eat the oranges), our Redemption in Christ with the tree that Christ died on (we eat the wafers that represent His body), and the Consumation of all Creation with the Tree for the Healing of the Nations in Revelation (we eat the chocolate). This really brings the whole story of the world into a tangible form for the kids (and us grown-ups too)! Then the kids get to open their special presents from Papa and Granny: pj's and books!

Hope you have fun developing your own Christmas traditions and liturgies. I would love to hear if any of you have any ideas too!

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