Monday, December 3, 2007

This Week in Pictures

This picture tells of a crazy morning. While I was downstairs with Julia, Elijah started destroying styrofoam packaging. The little balls of styrofoam ended up his room, in the hall way, in the girls' room, in the kitchen, in the living room, and down the stairs. Since it was electrically charged, it refused to be swept up, so I had to use the hand vac for over an hour vacuuming floors, walls, doors, rugs, Elijah, each little toy on the floor, each individual article of clothing, Elijah's was just magnetically stuck everywhere! And then even after an hour of vacumming, I kept finding throughout the rest of the day, in my hair, inside Julia's diaper, just to name a few places. And that's not all of it! While I'm vacumming it all up (it took priority since anytime one of the kids walked anywhere, they took the stryrofoam with them on their bodies and deposited elsewhere), Julia was crying (really not very happy), and Abigail had poop running down her leg, Hannah was calling for me to help her with her math, and Elijah kept telling me, "Good job, Mommy." And then he accidentally wacked me on the head with Dr. Octopus. "Watch this Mommy." Wham! All in a day's work!
Dish duty...Ben taught the girls how to wash and dry the dishes yesterday. It took them a long time, but they got the job done!

Julia's first rice cereal...she likes it!

Pops and Julia.

Sweet bath-baby!

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