Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Julia Hope's 7 Month Accomplishments

Julia has had many firsts over the last couple of months, including wearing her first pair of jeans (as shown in this picture)...thanks Aunt Carol! She eats solid foods now and is a good little eater, with a bottomless pit for mashed potatoes and peas (she gets that from her Pops I suppose :-) and cheerios. Among her other accomplishments, she can wave Hi and clap. She is also sitting up on her own too (when her sister's let her that is). Oh...and her biggest one yet is that last night she never woke up until 6:30 AM. YEAH!!!! So she has finally slept through the night for the first time in her seventh-month-old little life! Julia is the happiest little baby...she just loves her sisters and daddy so much! This next picture shows Julia in her Christmas dress...Hannah wore this dress six years ago!

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