Friday, February 15, 2008

Love Poem

This poem is for all you coffee lovers, such as myself, who view coffee as more than just a neccessity to chug down, but as an art to be enjoyed! And FYI, the word 'leme' means brightness.

The Art of Coffee-Drinking

As with art 'tis prepared, one should drink it with art.
The mere commonplace drinks one absorbs with free heart;
But this-once with care from the bright flame removed,
And the leme set aside that its value has proved-
Take it first in deep draughts, meditative and slow,
Quit it now, now resume, thus imbibe with gusto;
While charming the palate it burns yet enchants,
In the hour of its triumph the virtue it grants
Penetrates every tissue; its powers condense,
Ciruculate cheering warmths, bring new life to each sense.
From the cauldron profound spiced aromas unseen
Mount to tease and delight your olfactories keen,
The while you inhale with felicity fraught,
The enchanting perfume that a zephyr has brought.

Tadj-Eddin-Aid-Almaknab-Ben-Yacoub-Mekki Molki

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