Monday, May 12, 2008

Okay, I'm Back!

Well here I am...back to posting! But cut me some slack over the long delay...we moved....need I explain more? I've been busy busy painting and such around the house (in one of these pics you can see the brown color I painted the dining room). We really are enjoying this house (this parsonage). We have a lot of room to run around in here...a fireplace (which we have used quite a number of times...since it's so stinkin cold up here in the NW)...and a jacuzzi hottub (just kidding). And moving here has cut back on our monthly car gas bill (thank the Lord...$3.68 a gallon hello) since Ben's office is 8 feet away! Since we have more space, we've been having people over like maniacs, another reason I haven't blogged in a while. I haven't taken any pics of the outside of the house, but here's some pics of Hannah and Elijah's b-days...we had a joint party complete with pinata and Sangria (pinata for kids, Sangria for adults, that is:-)

prima ballerinas

Spider Man and the Green Goblin duke it out in the oreo mine.

Would it be a girl party without fairies, butterflies, or ballerinas?

Pinata watching.

See my handsome hub with my handsome son?

See the brown paint? Hu hu? What d'ya think? I know, very bold of me.

B-day watermelon

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