Monday, June 23, 2008

The Picture You've All Been Waiting For...

The bride and groom...Jayson and Bethany Heslop, with the mother of the bride Diana Doud.
Throwing bird seed on the bride and groom...I love what that symbolizes..."Have lots of babies"!!

Proof that I was at the wedding! It was a new thing for me to say, "I'm the minister's wife!" But I was proud to say it!
Here is some of the Miltenberger family...we stayed at their house in Montana and had the most amazing time. From left to right...Molly, Kathleen (friend of the family), and Margot.

Awesome couple...Richard and Katie Miltenberger...I'm so happy they're in Spokane!

This past weekend, Ben officiated his first wedding...and let me tell you...he did an amazing job. His wedding homily (sermon) was fantastic! He seemed very confident, not nervous at all. So here he is wearing his clerical robe. White represents Christ (when a pastor delivers God's word to the people, he represents Christ to them), as well as the purity of the Church. The red on the stole is the color of the Church, and the red symbols are the Jerusalem cross. The rope around his waist symbolizes being a slave to Christ. He really looks "set apart" when he wears this robe. Let me tell you, it was such and honor for Ben and I to be a part of this wedding. You're allowed into a very intimate and emotional circle for a time. We felt so honored to be a part of the beginning of this couple's lives together.


Anna said...

Hey, I love the robe and you gave a good explanation for what everything represents. Doug told me about it, so I'm glad you posted a picture.

the Young family said...

My lutheran pastors growing up wore garments like that every week and I never knew all that info about them! That's what I LOVE about our church- we always explain, and re-explain why we do the things we do. I think that is so that it does not become meaningless tradition for anybody. It is instead meaning-FULL tradition!