Monday, October 6, 2008

Sabbath Rest

I don't think it would have been possible to squeeze any more blessings into one day...It was an absolutely fantastic Day of Rest. Thank you, Lord! This pretty much sums it up...
Julia kisses
cool fall day
Hot shower
Baroque choral music
chocolate chip and apricot scones
Hannah, Abigail, and Elijah
Psalm singing
Ben's preaching
holy communion
burgers and chips
road trip
beautiful Palouse hills
big puffy clouds
Dorothy Sayers "The Nine Tailors"
Bishop's Orchards
apple picking
cider presses
sweet juicy apples
scenic drive
listening to Coldplay, Rogue Wave, the Weepies
holding hubby's hand
grilled cheese sandwich
Ceaser salad
hot tea
watching "The Fellowship of the Ring"
the most comfortable mattress, softest pillow, and the warmest covers
thick sleep!

1 comment:

the Young family said...

Oh (sigh)- that does sound just lovely! You really do love fall, don't you Jana.