Monday, December 27, 2010

Being Christ to our Kids

This morning I was contemplating how to be more gracious, kind, and patient with my kids...something I fail in sometimes. I knew that the answer was to be full of God's graciousness, kindness, and patience to me. But how to be full of Him? Then I thought, that the answer is in disciplined meditation upon God's many kindnesses to me, and His patience and graciousness toward me. Actually making my mind dwell on His kind acts towards me, and physical blessings, and specific times that He's has been/currently is patient toward me. Then, by His grace, I'll be full of Him, and ready to pour out His kindness and patience to my children.


Nikki said...

Wow, I'm loving reading your blog during your homeschooling break!! haha. This is a great post and one I'll be coming back to :) Also, I'll definitely be trying the French Onion Soup!

BJ said...

That really is it..The most important exercise for a Christian.