Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ben's Ordination

These are some of the few pics I have from Ben's ordination service on my 31st b-day...Dec 3. There were five godly pastors who each gave a 10-minute exhortation to Ben, then Ben took His vows, and then the pastors laid their hands on him and prayed for him. We were so very thankful for their sacrifice to come...some of them driving as far as an hour-and-half, and to Ben's parents who came all the way from Texas. In the future, when I'm discouraged in ministry, I think I'll listen to those exhortations and have my cup filled up again. The Lord has brought us on a 12+ year-long journey to this point, and His faithful guidance has never been lacking. We attest to His lovingkindess...His "hesod"...His covenant faithfulness!

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Scenic Route said...

thanks for sharing these! What an auspicious life moment. Well done, both of you.