Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Recital

On January 1, we hosted a recital for Hannah and Abby, Jackson (playing on the cello), and Annalisa and Alyssa. It was a lovely time, and a fun time. We also asked James (studying music at Whitworth) to perform a couple of songs for our students as well. Afterwards, we had dessert, wine, and coffee. Can't wait until the next recital!




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Scenic Route said...

these are SO precious! Brings back a lot of good memories...including how quiet the house was you & Nikki left home :) --but we managed to get used to it :D

Theda said...

You know, I still have a cassette tape of you and Nikki playing the piano and saxaphone. I bring it out every once and while and listen to it. Love It.