Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Every Valentine's Day, for a number of years now, I create a scavenger hunt for the kids. I didn't mean for it to become tradition, but I did it once, and then the kids assumed it was tradition. I think I did it for the first time when Hannah was about 4. So the next year, I overhear her informing one of her friends at church that every Valentine's Day her Mom does a scavenger hunt! I'm glad that I overheard that conversation, otherwise she would have been without a scavenger hunt that year! So, it has become tradition. And since my kids are getting older, I get to be more tricksy with my clues. Yesterday, I had them running around the house chasing down clues for 45 minutes until they finally found the grand prize!
Here they are Finding the treasure at the end of the hunt:

Here's Andreas quite delighted with his Valentine from Granny:

Here is one of Hannah's cooking creation...a Valentine tower:

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