Monday, November 26, 2007

Hi From Spokane

Well we Alexander's are settling in to Spokane. We've been here a little over two weeks now. We are enjoying being in a house...and having cable for the first time! The kids seem happy, but a couple of times there have been tears over missed friends. So I've introduced them to the joys of letter writing. Boy did that take off; they about emptied my card stash...not to mention my stamps. Today was our first "real" day...we added homeschooling back into the mix. It was a bit rocky. But I've learned that when something isn't going well, don't get all jumbled up in it...just change something. So I have some ideas as to what to "change", and we'll see if we have a smoother ride tomorrow.
We've already had a few adventures here...we've acquinted ourselves with the local E.R. (Ben), and almost had two Christmas trees become flying missiles from the top of our van while traveling 65 mph on the highway. But thankfully Ben is all healed up and and our Christmas tree is sitting pretty in our living room (the other one was for a friend).
It's nice to be back in the city, though we definately miss some aspects of Moscow, including it's small borders. It's a hard habit to break allowing no more than 5 minutes to get anywhere. We've been rolling into functions and get-togethers by the hair of our chinny-chin-chin timewise. But city perks are nice...Super Walmart for example ;-) Okay, well maybe not Super Walmart, but more restaurant, shopping, and entertainment options are. Last weekend the Farley's gave us a tour of Downtown Spokane. The kids rode on the Carousel and fed the Trash-Eating Goat. If you want to know what the Trash-Eating Goat is like, well you're just going to have come visit us, and we'll take you Downtown to see it...and feed it...for yourself! It's quite a hoot, and we do have a guest bed now!

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Nikki Schreiner said...

Yay! I'm glad to see a new post. And funny too :) I was just telling Natalie about your trash-eating goat and she want to feed him.
Love, Nikki