Monday, November 5, 2007

Some Things Don't Change...

With all the hustle-and-bustle of packing and moving, and saying good-byes, and looking ahead to a new home in a new state with a new church and new people and a new career for my husband, it's so easy to start fearing all the unknowns, and regretting all the friendships I'm moving away from. But one thing that struck me this week while I was up to my eyeballs in packing paper, was that some things don't change. In particular, I was looking ahead to our weekly Sabbath Feast that we have every Saturday night, on the eve of every Sunday Sabbath. I found comfort in the fact that we would have our Sabbath feast here on Saturday, and even when we move, we'll still have our Sabbath Feast! What a blessing from God traditions and holidays (holy-days) are! It's one of those anchors for the soul that God has graciously given to us. We know that every Sunday we have a rest from our labor, every December we'll celebrate the Light in the darkness, and every Spring we'll celebrate our hope in the Risen Lord! And what a blessing, every week, we have a reminder of our Risen Lord in a weekly Ressurection Sunday Sabbath! What a reason to feast, both around our tables in our homes, and at the Lord's table in communion with Him and His saints...every week! Thank you Lord for the truths that I can rely on...that don't change when all else does. And these are just a glimpse of Heaven!

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