Friday, November 2, 2007

A little info on Spokane

Just to fill you in on some details of our move to Spokane: Ben will be the pastoral intern for the next five years at a church called Christ Church Spokane. You can look at their website here . Ben will be paid fulltime for ministry, which will be a first for us. He will still be working on Greyfriars and working towards pastoral ordination (possibly in October of 2008 or 2009). While in Spokane, he'll basically be filling a pastoral assistant's role, while learning the ropes from Pastor Joost Nixon, a godly shepherd of the sheep full of wisdom.
We covet your prayers over the next five years as God continues to mature us towards pastoral ministry. It is not a calling we take lightly (Let not many of you become teachers, knowing that as such, you will receive a stricter judgement. 1 Peter). Please pray for our little ones, as a change in their environment and friendships can be stressful for them too.
We will be moving into a house temporarily, while we wait for the parsonage to open up. God willing we will be moving into that soon.

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