Friday, November 2, 2007

This Week in Pictures

Our aspiring pianist!

Happy Reformation Day! We carved pumpkins (a tradition we carry on from my side of the fam!) and we went drive-by-trick-or-treating. The kids dressed up all by themselves (since I was too busy with packing boxes to make any costumes, and I wasn't about to spend $12 x 4 kids on costumes from Walmart), so we had two Sleeping Beauty princesses, and one Chinese Spiderman (Elijah wore his outfit from China as well as his Spiderman outfit...quite the look!) Julia dressed up in her pajamas. After the kids were dressed up, we threw them in the car and took them drive-by-trick-or-treating to church members homes. It was quite the social evening! Unfortunately, taking a picture of the kids in their costumes never even entered my mind. However, this Saturday our church is having a belated Reformation Day party...I'll take pics then.

I'm not sure who's happier...Abby or the pumpkin!

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