Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snowed In

Today has been one of those great and glorious days when God forces a whole entire city to be put on halt and everybody has to stay home because of the snow! Today church was cancelled and we've been holed up in our house all day while it continues to pile up snow upon snow! Ben and the kids had a fantastic time burying each other in the snow and helping cars get unstuck (4 of them to be exact) on the street in front of our house. Ben replanted our Christmas tree in the snow too. He says he never knew how easy it was to replant a tree. I put on boots and trudged to Walmart to buy ice cream for the fam (Walmart is one of those few places that refuses to be put on halt!) It's been so fantastic to be together, and have long times reading and eating and sewing. Today I finished an apron that I had started for a wedding gift...but did not have time to finish...sorry Lindsay. Now it's a gift to me!

The forecast for the next five days...more snow...with a high of 15 degrees tomorrow! So no telling how long we'll be holed up together!


Cristina said...

Wow! That looks like fun! We had a Snow Day yesterday and cancelled clases. Thanks for the pictures!

KA said...

love the apron. Nice work, Mrs Domesticity. :)