Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Wild Ride of a Week

This past week (or maybe three) has been a bit hairy. Our schedules have been super busy as we try to adjust to a new "career" in the ministry, but that hasn't been the half of it. Firist, our van has been having issues. A few weeks ago it starting shimmying, so we got the allignment fixed and new tires in the rear, and then just two days after we fixed that, our transmition has been having issues...such as smoking and smelling...both not good signs. So we took it into the transmition shop where they gave the car a nice transmision flush, but then told us that it's basically just a time bomb, and eventually we'll need to get the transmission replaced. Yikes! Thankfully, somebody in the church was nice enough to give us an 80's white car. It's name is "The Dynasty" if it's royalty or something. So our family has been looking like a poor, trashy family all stuffed into this 80's white "Dynasty" car that's smothered in bumper stickers, three car seats in the back, one car seat in the center front, and two grown ups stuffed into the front too! All we need to do next is crank up the bass and we'll be set!
So on top of all that, Julia got immunizations and some sort of infection or such on her bottom, I got a yeast infection and a plugged milk duct, and we got in a minor accident on the freeway in snowy conditions...yes, while driving the Dynasty! I took Julia to the Dr. yesterday for her problem...with all 4 kiddos...then to McDonald's...and then to Super Walmart. I was gone the entire day. While at Super Walmart, Elijah was having stomach issues...probably the McDonald's, so we spent a good chunk of time in the bathroom where the kids were getting quite a kick out of the automatic flushing toilet that kept flushing while Elijah was still sitting on it! It was funny. And then I always get these comments from people while out-and-about with my whole gang. My favorite from yesterday was, "Lady, you know what you need? You need about 3 or more 4 kids! Ha Ha Ha!" My Mom told me that I should have said, "You know what I need? About 3 or 4 fewer comments!"
Well I say all this while really is quite humurous! Through all things the Lord's blessings have ouweighed it all! I'm amazed at His care for us. I'm typing with one hand now while holding the baby...and Miss H needs math I'll close for now!

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