Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Week

Since this is Holy Week, I thought I would put a hymn on here for meditation. Today is Maundy Thursday, which was the day that we remember Christ's Last Supper with His disciples before He was crucified. At that Last Supper, He washed the disciple's feet, yet another picture of baptism, "If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me." (John 13:8). So tonight during our Holy Week liturgy, we will be washing one another's feet. In our family, we use Doug Jone's Easter Liturgy. Since Christ the King is here, every night we have chocolate and wine. But tomorrow night, the chocolate and wine will be on the table, but will suddenly be taken away, since it will seem that our hope in the Messiah has perished. On Easter morning, chocolate and wine will abound!!! I like how these tangible things can really drive home the greatest story...the resurrection! If you're interested, here's a link to that liturgy, though you would be starting a little late (but better late than never)

Okay, so here's a hymn:

Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior
John Huss
Jesus Christ, our blessed Savior,
Turned away God's wrath forever;
By His bitter grief and woe
He saved us from the evil Foe.
As His pledge of love undying
He, this precious food supplying,
Gives His body with the bread
And with the wine the blood He shed.
Whoso to this Board repaireth
May take heed how He prepareth;
For if he does not believe,
Then death for life he shall recieve.
Praise the Father, who from heaven
Unto us such food hath given
And, to mend what we have done,
Gave into death His only Son.
Thou shalt hold with faith unshaken
That this food is to be taken
By the sick who are distrest,
By hearts that long for peace and rest.
Christ says: "Come, all ye that labor,
And receive My grace and favor;
They who feel no want nor ill
Need no physician's help nor skill.
"Useless were for thee My Passion,
If thy works thy weal could fashion.
This feast is not spread for thee
If thine own Savior thou wilt be."
If thy heart this truth professes
And thy mouth thy sin confesses,
His dear guest thou here shalt be,
And Christ Himself shall banquet thee.

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