Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Than Thrifty

I've been making out like a bandit at the thrift store around the corner from our house. Ben and I have been wanting a LONG table for a LONG time, and last Saturday, I found it! For $25!!!! It can seat about 12. With our other table, we were stuffing up to 8 adults around that thing, and kiddos had to sit somewhere else! Not much elbow room for sure! This table is major sturdy, and will fit beautifully into the dining room at the Parsonage which we'll be moving into in a few weeks. The top could use a refinishing job, which I think I'll tackle this summer. All we need now is some more chairs. We christened it by eating our St. Patty's day meal on it: corned beef, sweet potatoes and cabbage...and beer.
I also found a new solid wood, dovetailed dresser, in almost perfect condition at the same thrift store...$12!! Our family has expanded, but our dresses never have. So we've had a major deficit in the where-to-put-clothes department.
And then I found these moss green velvet pillow shams which I absolutely fell in love with...with a matching bed skirt...and a matching duvet cover (which I'm going to cut up, because I like my current duvet cover...thanks Lauren!). So thanks for sharing in my excitement over my finds!


Nikki Schreiner said...

LOVE the table, it's huge!! I'm thrilled for you.
Nikki :)

KA said...

Wow, nice work Jana. That is definately a perk to living up in Spokane, you can find bargains! I miss you friend. I can't believe how big Julia is getting. I love the post about Hannah on her bike in her skirt and dressy shoes. haha, so cute. and the pic of abby in the dress with teh bandaids. so cute. these are good signs of their upbringing. Nice work Alexanders! beautiful and adventurous!