Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moka Pot

This is my new Moka Pot and boy does it make GOOD coffee...the Italian way! I bought it after my espresso machine broke...again...aauurrgghh. But this little stovetop espresso maker makes better espresso than even my espresso machine did! I'm very pleased! Even Ben likes the coffee I make now! All Italian homes have these in them, so I'm convinced that Italian's have one up on American's when it comes to their coffee. This makes a very rich, almost thick brew. Mmmmmm!

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alphahelical.com said...

I'm curious the espresso machine you used that is outperformed by the moka. I love moka-pot coffee, but it's definitely different from true pump-machine espresso. I'm imagining you had been using steam-powered "electric pressure-cooker" style machine before?

While moka coffee isn't considered true espresso (much lower pressure), it's definitely a better brew -- and closer to true espresso -- than anything put out by a "steam toy". *grin*

Congrats on moving to a moka!