Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oatmeal: Buffet Style

I finally figured out a way to get my kids to eat oatmeal regularly without me making them eat it...and without resorting to those highly sugared instant oatmeal packets. Every morning, I have about fifteen minutes to get breakfast on the table for 7 people. I like oatmeal because it's healthy and cheap and fast! Finally, I was inspired by Starbucks oatmeal. They give you a bowl of oatmeal, and then little packets of toppings you can sprinkle in: brown sugar, nuts, and dried fruit. So this week, I've been making a big batch of rolled oats on the stove top in the AM...and then I put a few bowls on the table full of sliced almonds, craisins, and raisins...with a jar of honey and a gallon of milk on the side. The kids get to pick what they put into their oatmeal...and it worked! They gobbled it up...and then asked if we could have the same thing again the next day! Wow!

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Scenic Route said...

what a great idea! "One-size-fits-all" doesn't always work (especially on the average US body :D !) Well done