Saturday, February 9, 2008

Noble Deeds

Our ladies Bible study has been such a blessing to me these last few days. A dear, dear older woman (Mrs. Ansett) takes her Biblical role seriously to teach us younger ladies to love our husbands and love our kids and to be keepers at home. She has been doing a 5-part series on contentment, particularly in the areas that women struggle with. Many things have been helpful, but this particular thing has been especially helpful, and that is to study what the Lord views as a noble woman. Proverbs 31 lays that out for us quite clearly. It is surprising how much the noble woman in Prov 31 deals with clothes and food! She does a lot of things with her hands...and does it all "with delight". Last week, Mrs Ansett had us ladies do some homework. At the end of everyday we were to write down everything we did for the day...changing diapers, laundry, nursing, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, errands, whatever...and then view our list in the light of Prov. 31 and Titus 2. All these deeds are what the Lord views as noble! Christ came not to be served, but to serve. And we His servants are not greater than our Master. Changing diapers is a noble deed! I found this to be so encouraging, and it gave a fresh perspective on my work here in the home.

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KA said...

Jana, thanks so much for this post. your encouragement is my encouragement also. Thanks for the reminder...can't have too many of them.
Miss you guys, hey, did i say thank you for the re-sent christmas picture? very cute.